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Master Omar had the opportunity to tour Italy with his Art Professor while in college and his experience was life changing. He followed up by providing a trip to our art community in 2018 when we all traveled to the many historical art sites of Italy. He now extends a new opportunity to tour France and Spain to his OAMSAA community comprised of students, family and friends so they may have an art adventure of a lifetime!


This time around… his sibling, Ms. Monique, will be coordinating the art tour, Artists of France & Spain 2023. She had the opportunity to travel to Europe with Master Omar while he was studying abroad at the Academia de Belle arti di Firenze…it was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


We will be making our tour arrangements through our educational travel and safety partner that will include: airfare, transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, professional guides and tickets to landmarks & attractions.


This tour is fantastic and allows us to have a wide view of the arts and culture that traverse France & Spain. Let’ enjoy all the visual sensations, delicious foods, and astonishing works of art.

We begin our tour in the “City of Light”, Paris. Known for its many famous museums and the treasures held within them, from the masterpieces in the Louvre to the impressionist works at the Musee d’Orsay.


While in Paris, with our expert local guide, we will see many historical sites known for being iconic symbols of the city, and by extension, of France. Some of these famous landmarks include the Place de la Concorde, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triumphed, Les Invalides, and the Eiffel Tower.


During your stay, we will take in the city‘s most notable landmarks from an alternative perspective, by boarding a Seine River cruise that will float us along Paris’ main waterway.


We will also visit Monet’s Giverny Gardens, where Claude Monet was inspired to paint his famous impressionist works from his former home and garden.

Afterward, we will travel to Provence, know for its architectural beauty and historic importance located in Southwestern France. We will visit some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Europe, like the Pont du Gard, Theatre Antique in Orange, and Nîmes Amphitheater.


While in Provence we will explore Avignon, known for being a dreamy medieval city that converges rich culture and history. We will also visit Aries, a city that inspired a generation of painters like the prominent artist known as Vincent Van Gogh, who’s famous works include Cafe Terrace at Night and his iconic Sunflower painting that has become synonymous with the city.

As we continue our tour into Spain, we will travel via Figueres to Barcelona. We will visit with an expert local guide at the Salvador Dali Museum, Park Guell and Casa Mila (locally known as La Pedrera).


After seeing Antoni Gaudí’s colorful artistry up close at Park Güell, we’ll be creating some of our own Gaudi-inspired glass and ceramic tiles during a one-hour art workshop. While our tiles are in the kiln, each guest will also have an opportunity to try their hand on a clay pottery wheel. These works we create will then be our personalized souvenirs that we take home.


We will make the most of an evening in Barcelona by attending an unforgettable flamenco performance. Flamenco dance is a passionate display of dramatic poses and colorful costumes, accompanied by song and guitar.

Finally we arrive in Madrid to tour with an expert local guide and with our Tour Director of the city’s famous landmarks; such as the Puerta de Sol, Plaza Mayor and the Mercado de San Miguel.


In addition, We will visit the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum which is home of one of the greatest paintings of all time, Las Meninas; Painted by the leading artist in the court of King Phillip IV, Diego Velazquez, during the Spanish Golden Age.


A simple view of our planned tour:

  • Day 1: Fly overnight to France
  • Day 2: Take a walking tour of Paris & see the Norte Dame
  • Day 3: Explore Paris with a local guide & visit the Louvre
  • Day 4: Visit Musee d’ Orsay & the Fragonard Perfume Factory
  • Day 5: Visit the Musee de l’Orangerie & travel by TGV train to Avignon
  • Day 6: Visit the Pont du Gard & take a walking tour of Avignon
  • Day 7: Visit the Chateau does Baux de Provence, enjoy a Van Gough-inspired guided sightseeing of Aries & visit the Nimes Amphitheater
  • Day 8: Travel through Figueres to Barcelona & visit the Dali Theatre-Museum
  • Day 9: Tour Barcelona with an expert local guide & visit the Park Guell
  • Day 10: Take a walking tour of Las Ramblas & visit the Picasso Museum
  • Day 11: Travel by train to Madrid & visit the Royal Palace
  • Day 12: Take a walking tour of Madrid & visit the Prado Museum

All of the details are covered:

  • Round-trip airfare on major airline carriers
  • Hotel stays at quality, clean accommodations
  • Regional-style meals for breakfast and dinner
  • Tour Director who will be with us 24/7
  • Transportation on tour, including comfortable motor-coach bus
  • Expert local guides providing cultural insight
  • Guided sightseeing of all our destination has to offer
  • Entrances to landmarks & attractions

Notify Ms. Monique of whomever is interested in going on this magnificent tour, Artists of France & Spain 2023.

Parents with children as of age 10 and younger are required to send a guardian… that means you should go too! Students as of age 12 and older may go with out a guardian present.

Keep in mind that we are interested in having parents, family, and friends travel with us! Let’s enjoy France & Spain together by learning about the historical art and culture as ONE:)


13 Days tour through France & Spain, Learning the historical arts and culture of these beautiful country.

JULY 10th - 22nd

Our travel dates are currently being arranged, so block off your calendars from the earliest departure date of July 6, 2023 to our latest return date of July 24, 2023. We are currently arranging the dates through our educational travel and safety partner.


Find out more about our upcoming travel opportunity at our meeting scheduled for Sunday, June 12th at 7:00pm! Please be sure to RSVP for this meeting as it is mandatory due to limited spots available and a parent or guardian must attend. Can’t make it, but interested to get information so you don’t miss out… Let Ms. Monique know, so she can send information!


Ms. Monique, OAMSAA International Art Tours Coordinator, is trying to get a feel for who would be able to take this trip with us. Please let her know by email, so that she can get more details to put together. Ms. Monique is very interested in everyone’s input, so that she can make the timing as convenient as possible.

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