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    February 19th - 21st
    May 8th
    May 28th - 30th



Hand Sanitizing

Upon entering the studio, all students will have their hands sanitized with hand sanitizer and will periodically be asked to wash their hands.


Students and staff will also wash their hands if found to be touching their faces or sneezing into their hands.

Front Screening

Upon entering the studio, students will be screened as parents wait from their vehicles.


Each students will be asked if they have been coughing or sneezing, feeling sick at all, and if any family members having been showing any signs of illness at home.

Temperature Checks

At the front door screening, students will have their temperatures checked as a precaution.


We understand that people that are asymptomatic do not have high temperatures, but since we are also running into the flu season, every precaution counts to keep our staff and students healthy.

Wear Masks

Wearing masks will be mandatory at all times while in the art studio for staff and students.


At no time should students touch their face mask or place it under their nose. They must be worn properly.


Be sure to wear masks without valves. since the valves allow breath to flow outward.

Sneeze Guards

Between the students and the teacher will be our custom made sneeze shields. This will reduce the air transmission between the student and art teacher.


They are lined in oak and have nifty handles on them in order to make them portable incase the teacher has to move them about.


They also have a notch on the lower end in case a student does need to pass the drawing paper to the teacher.

Social Distance

Students will be required to remain six feet apart while working on art projects and when lining up to use sinks.


The main studio space will have up to 3 students at this time. The distance between tables are from 10-15 feet distances.


The smaller studio space in th front will only have one foundations student at a time.

Air Purifiers

We have made an investment by purchasing 2 Conway Airmega 400 air purifiers for the large room. Each covers 1500 square feet allowing for 4 complete air changes within one hour.


True HEPA filters capture airborne viruses as well as VOCs that are created from some art supplies.


The smaller studio room will be armed with a smaller air filtration unit that is perfect for the size of the room.


On top of that we have our HVAC system running that also is equipped with True HEPA filters.


Tools will be gathered in a tub after each class by the instructor.


At the end of the night, all the instruments and tools that were handled by the students and teachers will be sanitized with a UVC light and OZONE that is created by the ultraviolet light.


Bacterias and Viruses are destroyed by exposure to UVC light as well as contact with Ozone gases. We have a set timer that will turn on at midnight and that will turn off after a 15 minute exposure. The Ozone will break apart and deteriorate 30 minutes to 4 hours afterward.

Wipe Downs

Using virus killing chemicals, we will be wiping down tables and other surfaces regularly.


Bathrooms will be wiped down after each use, though we do hope we can limit bathroom use because wiping them down can be a foreseeable nuisance.


Please, if possible, have the students use their home restrooms before their class to reduce the amount of time staff will have to clean the facilities.

Student Drop-Off

Students should be dropped off at the start of class and no earlier to avoid unnecessary gathering of students.


Guardians will no longer be able to wait on premises because we have dismantled the waiting room and the local government is advising to minimize people on the premises.


No visitors will be allowed on premises.

Remain Home

Anyone showing symptoms should remain home and avoid spreading any illness to the other students.


Even if students are exhibiting symptoms of allergies such as sneezing, students should skip class without consequence.


Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, lethargy etc.

Rear Exit

Parents will pick up students promptly from the rear of the building in order to avoid gatherings at the entrance.


There is ample parking in the rear.